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The ACSM American Fitness Index celebrates healthy, active lifestyles and encourages city leaders to make local changes to promote these behaviors. Explore the city comparison tool to see how your favorite city ranks.

Actively Moving America to Better Health

For a complete list of cities and the full rankings click here.

What’s New

Using the American Fitness Index in the Classroom: Strategies and Lessons Learned

The American Fitness Index is a valuable tool and resource to researchers and practitioners alike. As an educator, I believe it has a place in… Read more

Parks, Trails and Greenways Plus Programming Can Increase Physical Activity

Parks, trails, and greenways are an important part of a community. They are places where people can move, relax, and enjoy time with others. A… Read more

Moving More to Improve Mental Health: What City Officials Need To Know

One of the personal health indicators selected for inclusion into ACSM’s American Fitness Index is a measure of the mental health status of city residents.… Read more

The Cost of Mental Health: Seeking Community Solutions

Good mental health is effective functioning in daily activities resulting in good productivity (e.g., work, school), healthy relationships and the ability to cope with adversity.… Read more

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