Staying Active During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Meeting Physical Activity Guidelines

woman standing and stretching at her desk

The coronavirus pandemic has had a large impact on our daily life activities including our work, how we move from point A to point B, the time we spend in our homes and what we do recreationally. Physical activity is classified into four major domains: occupation, transportation, household and leisure-time; and all of these domains …

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Holiday Stress Buster | Physically Distanced Physical Activity

woman walking black and white dog in fall leaves

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of the holiday season? You are not alone. This winter will layer pandemic anxiety on top of holiday tension and cold weather challenges, all of which can lead to negative physical and mental health outcomes. Unchecked stress can contribute to high blood pressure and heart disease as well as increased …

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Unhealthy Air Quality in the U.S. Pacific Northwest

orange sky, poor city air quality

As fires plague the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, residents in the area must be particularly cautious when spending time outdoors due to poor air quality. As Dr. Liz Joy points out in a previous Fitness Index blog post: There is incontrovertible evidence linking poor air quality to adverse health outcomes. This is …

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Healthy Eating in America’s 100 Largest Cities

The ACSM American Fitness Index, supported by the Anthem Foundation, ranks the 100 largest cities in America on a variety of personal and community health indicators, including number of farmers markets and fruit & vegetable consumption. The 2020 rankings  revealed that these cities average 18.7 farmers markets per 1,000,000 residents, with Washington, D.C.,  topping  the …

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Arlington, Virginia, es Nombrada “La Ciudad Más en Forma” en 2020 American Fitness Index® Ranking de los 100 mejores

La pandemia de COVID-19, la investigación subraya la importancia de la actividad física, la infraestructura en la batalla por la salud de la comunidad Lisa Ramage (317) 352-3847 or (American College of Sports Medicine) Mike Fulton (301) 651-2508 or (Asher Agency) Leslie Porras (202) 508-7891 or (Anthem Foundation) Indianapolis (14 de julio, …

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The American Fitness Index in 2020 | The Essential Nature of Parks

child climbing at a park

For more than a decade the ACSM American Fitness Index® has provided an annual snapshot of community fitness for some of the largest cities and metro areas in the United States. From the start, the Fitness Index acknowledged the importance of parks, recreation facilities and assets like playgrounds, tennis courts and swimming pools. Not only …

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