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The following resources, infographics, and links provide more information about the ACSM American Fitness Index. We hope these resources will be useful in your efforts to increase physical activity in your city.

Fitness Index In Action

Providing technical assistance in Cincinnati, OH
One of three coalitions to receive technical assistance in 2013-2014

Inspiring the Healthy Charlotte Council
Example of community work involving all sectors of a community

Applying the My Community Application Toolkit
Pennsylvania State University students use the My Community Application Toolkit to provide Pennsylvanian health and parks departments with local scores

Fitness Index Resources

ACSM American Fitness Index Factsheet
Brief overview of the history and current components of the Fitness Index

Technical Assistance Overview
The goal of the Fitness Index technical assistance is to identify actionable areas that have the best evidence for improving the health and fitness of residents.

Community Action Guide
The Community Action Guide provides an overview of the critical decisions and factors to address health and physical activity in your city. Using the Fitness Index, city leaders and community based organizations can understand the individual, societal, and behavioral factors related to physical activity and implement policies and programs that are meaningful to their residents.

Archived Rankings
Want more info on your city? Dig into the archives for a look back on the first 10 years of the Fitness Index rankings and trends.

Fitness Index Infographic Library

Stay Active to Reduce Blood Pressure

Stay Active to Reduce Blood Pressure infographic




2020 American Fitness Index Rankings Highlights

Community Action Framework
Community Action Framework





Path to a Culture of Health Series:
Community-Based Healthy Eating and Physical Activity
Community-Based Healthy Eating
Community-Based Physical Activity
Path to a Culture of Health

Halloween Safety Tips 

halloween safety tips








Quick Tips for a Safe  Commute 

chart, tips for walking, biking and rolling on your commute


Additional Resources

Active Living Research
A program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that provides evidence based research and strategies to encourage physical activity.  These resources are intended for advocates, practitioners, policy-makers, educators, and the media.

The Community Guide-Physical Activity
The Community Guide reviews behavioral social, environmental and policy interventions as well as campaign and informational approaches to public health.

Every Body Walk!
The Every Body Walk! campaign provides news and resources on walking, health information, a personal pledge form to start walking, as well as a place to share stories about individual experiences with walking.

Park Locators
Whether looking for a local, state, or a national park, there’s a park locator to meet your need. Plan your state park visit with America’s State Parks map. Explore our national parks with the U.S. National Park Service Find A Park map.

Prevention Institute: Putting prevention at the center of community well-being
Synthesizes research and practice; develops prevention tools and frameworks; helps design and guide interdisciplinary partnerships; and conducts training and strategic consultation with government, foundations, and community-based organizations nationwide and internationally.

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