America’s Most Dangerous Cities for Pedestrians

male pedestrain about to cross a busy intersection

Across America’s 100 largest cities an average of  2.2 pedestrians were killed per 100,000 residents in the last year.   With a total population of 64,504,498  in those cities,  that means approximately 1,419 lives were lost.

A variety of factors may contribute to pedestrian fatalities, including distracted driving, a lack of proper lighting, inadequate sidewalks and unsafe crossing and intersections.

America's Most Dangerous Cities for Pedestrians
America’s Most Dangerous Cities for Pedestrians

The most dangerous cities for pedestrians are (average deaths per 100,000 residents):

100. St. Louis, MO (5.8)

99. Albuquerque, NM (4.7)

98. St. Petersburg, FL (4.2)

97. (tie) Corpus Christi, TX (4.1)

97. (tie) Atlanta, GA (4.1)

95. Jacksonville, FL (4.0)

94. Orlando, FL (3.7)

93. (tie) Tampa, FL (3.6)

93. (tie) New Orleans, LA (3.6)

91. (tie) Bakersfield, CA (3.5)

91. (tie) San Antonio, TX (3.5)

How does your city rank? 

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