Taking Shape of the American Fitness Index

The editors of SHAPE magazine pulled out a few statistics from the 2014 ACSM American Fitness Index® data report for its readers. The Fitness Index provides a snapshot of the state of health in America’s 50 largest metro areas and evaluates the infrastructure, community assets and policies that encourage healthy and fit lifestyles.

SHAPE notes that you can get in shape anywhere, “but it’s easier when you hometown fosters healthy behavior.” Following are a few notable stats highlighted in the article. Click here to read the full article and to learn more about the interesting stats underscored by SHAPE.

•26% of New Orleans is made up of parkland, making it the greenest city in America
•84% of San Jose citizens have a BMI of less than 30
•San Diego residents consume the most recommended servings of fruit
•San Jose residents are tops at the getting the recommended intake of vegetables
•61% of Minneapolis area residents consider themselves in good health
•Few Americans get the recommended minutes of aerobic activity, only 28% percent in Washington, D.C., the top city in this year’s report
•There are 326,603 smokers in Louisville, Ky

View the complete 2014 report or to see how your city ranked this year.

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